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Taste products

Olive Oil



A stunning secluded colonial house set amongst the rolling Tuscan hills, surrounded by a silver hazy light of olive groves. This is where the finest extra virgin olive oil is born. 

Our olive groves 1000 olive trees on 6 acres of land.

Guided by the colour we pick our olives when they are just ripe.

We pick olives by hand which allows us to choose the right degree of ripeness and prevent the contact with the ground that damages the fruits.

Tuscan oil is a well-known product, fruit of the earth but also a reward of men’s constant work and passion for the land. The production of olive oil has always been and will always be a simbol of the country and of the Mediterranean diet.

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% organic and has a low level of acidity.

It has a refined taste, a unique aroma and an intense shade of green. It is spicy flavour with a slight aftertaste of almond and artichoke.

Suitable for raw uses it is also excellent for cooking.




We produce a 100% organic jam, all the fruit is grown and cultivated on our farm, we do not use any pesticides neither industrial technologies we only add sugar to the fresh fruit. All the fruit is seasonally picked and cultivated in the open air. Due to the fact that it is such an organic product the flavour of the fruit remains intact, ensuring our jam keeps its nutritive properties. 

Our jams can be consumed as they are or used to garnish cakes and pies...the rest is left to your imagination!


Vin santo


vino Vin Santo is, among all the other products, the most closely related to the memories of our people, evoking the image of the countryside, the rural world, the peasant family.

It has always been a symbol of friendship and hospitality.

Excellent protagonist of every occasion that deserves a toast.

Vin Santo is an ancient amber-colored wine, which due to its organoleptic characteristics, different from those of wines generally suitable for appetizers, meats and fish, is instead consumed as a dessert to go with the typical Tuscan dry pastry.

It is produced thanks to the vinification of dried grapes, placed under such conditions as to reach an over-ripening to eliminate water from the fruits, and consequently obtain a higher percentage of sugar. The best grapes are those coming from dry, ventilated, well exposed land, grown not too close to the ground.

The name used in Tuscany for the place where the main part of the process happen is the "appassitoio", which is the room in which the grapes are wilted by placing the bunches on mats, or in wooden boxes which allow the water to evaporate. When the grapes are dried, they are crushed and the must is transferred into “caratelli”, a jar made of wood. After minimum 3 years the aging is completed and the Vin Santo is bottled, after a filtration process to separate any material present in the liquid.

The minimum alcohol content is 15.5 degrees.